faces in the crowds

What follows is a collection of images from my sketchbook - faces. not real people, gestures mostly. Impressions.  In watercolour, gouache, pen and sometimes a mix of all three.  Dates (especially in August, are approximate)  Interestingly, this exploration is filling my sketchbook as I go back to fill in the facing pages that normally I would leave blank.  It's rather fulfilling.  Also, this is the first time I have used gouache -- it's interesting and I like it's ability to be somewhere between watercolour and acrylic. 

throwback  7/20

chit chat 7/21

moody 7/23

blackness 7/24

train people 7/26

5 mugs 7/27

two pages, two different days 7/28 & 8/13

what? ... people  8/3

what? ... people  8/3

wash and pen  -- 8/8(ish)

playful lines 8/10

mostly monochromatic 8/17

wash and pen 2 8/12

two faces -- 8/13 

two faces -- 8/13