ink and pen

Ink - I love it's fluidity.  I've been taking a beginner art class.  As a refresher really, but it has reintroduced me to a medium I left behind ages ago.  I always found it too messy and imprecise, but lately I've been using it just for that reason.  It flows so nicely, both from the pen and from the brush. The blacks are so true and the washes subtle.  More to come with this I'm sure.


pen, ink, brush, wash - layers, scape

fluid landscape insprired sketch - pen and ink, watercolour.  flow and bleed

people sketch - playing with perspective, pen and ink

into november

I continue to play with collage as a quick way to get out ideas.  Painting is coming, I can tell, but it is fun to randomly cut an paste shapes and see what happens (Collage 4).  In Collage 5, I decided to get more literal, falling back on images from a few years back - bottles and bowls.  Collage 6, started with a slice of an image of a garden from a magazine and then I found my bottle of ink- landscape-esque.

Collage 4 : random cuts exploring waves.

Collage 5:  Still life from magazine cuts.

Collage 6:  Landscape inspired - collage and ink and gouache.

through september

More faces - just a selection from my daily sketch series.  I have three sketch books on the go at the moment.  One is a small visual diary of my days here in Brighton.  The second is more traditional:  where I play with new ideas and concepts and the third, continues with the faces.  Because I work with three sketchbooks, the daily obsession with faces has become somewhat diffused., allowing different ideas to creep in.  Here is a sampling from September's faces.  For other sketchbook sampplings - check my instagram - @ameree.  (there may be a few pictures of my dog in there too - can't help myself.)

pen, watercolour

pen, watercolour

pen, watercolour, gouache


pen, watercolour


faces in the crowds

What follows is a collection of images from my sketchbook - faces. not real people, gestures mostly. Impressions.  In watercolour, gouache, pen and sometimes a mix of all three.  Dates (especially in August, are approximate)  Interestingly, this exploration is filling my sketchbook as I go back to fill in the facing pages that normally I would leave blank.  It's rather fulfilling.  Also, this is the first time I have used gouache -- it's interesting and I like it's ability to be somewhere between watercolour and acrylic. 

throwback  7/20

chit chat 7/21

moody 7/23

blackness 7/24

train people 7/26

5 mugs 7/27

two pages, two different days 7/28 & 8/13

what? ... people  8/3

what? ... people  8/3

wash and pen  -- 8/8(ish)

playful lines 8/10

mostly monochromatic 8/17

wash and pen 2 8/12

two faces -- 8/13 

two faces -- 8/13 

march 5 - a painting

A sketch of sorts - a painting sketch.  Not something I usually do - a portrait.  It's small, only 4x6" on one of those little canvas boards.  Just needed to try something different - for me.  I do like the red though.


january 5 - planning

The initial sketch for a larger neighbourhood inspired piece. The final work will be 36x36" and will focus on the east end of Toronto.  In no way is this sketch accurate in either scale or actual streets.  (working from memory here)  But by getting it down just in this rudimentary way,  I can move forward.  In fact, I spent most of the day plotting out the board and editing photos that will eventually become part of the finished piece.



planning stages