Recent works explore the intersection of structure and organic in urban spaces.  All works are in acrylics, sometimes on canvas, paper or panels.  Please contact me regarding pricing and availabilty  

Thus  on canvas 12X12"  SOLD  

Ravine A on canvas 12x12"

Pink & Grey (Granite)    on canvas 12x12""

Ravine B on canvas 12x12" via Parital Gallery

Orange Corner on canvas  12x12" SOLD

Over on canvas 8X8"

Terrace 2 on canvas 12x12"

See on canvas 12x12"  SOLD

Beam on canvas 30X40"

Vale on canvas 30x40"

Curb on canvas 30x40" via Partial Gallery

Glacial on canvas 30x40"

Sweep on canvas 8x10"

Red Sky on canvas 8x10" via Partial Gallery

Beach on canvas 8x10" SOLD

Crush on canvas 8X10"  SOLD

Yard on canvas 8x10" 

Kerb  on canvas 8x10"  SOLD

Yard M on canvas 8X10"

Launch on canvas 8x10"